Umeå 5G partners

  • Umeå Science Park (project owner). Representative: Anders Kjellander
  • Umeå municipality. Representative: Johan Gammelgård
  • Umeå University. Representative: Katrine Riklund
  • Västerbotten County Council. Representative: Johannes Hörnberg
  • Umeå Energy, Representative: Mats Berggren

Stakeholders in Umeå 5G

Visionaries, engaged and collaborative operators, suppliers, innovators and companies, as well as public sector participants who want to get involved in creating the society of the future.

Project Period

Preparations and projections: June – December 2018
Project Implementation: 2019 – 2022.

Possible testing area in Umeå

Umeå has been authorized by PTS, the swedish Post and Telecom Agency, to establish 5G infrastructure in the area as shown on the map above in 2019. Umeå 5G expects to be able to establish some smaller development environments at selected locations in Umeå during the second half of 2019. When these are projected, information about location, scope, content and purpose will be communicated via

Who to contact in Umeå 5G

Anders Kjellander, director and chairman of Umeå 5G, CEO of Umeå Science Park
070 –390 00 56

Björn Rosendahl, Project Manager

Future Internet & 5G Technology
Mats Berggren, Umeå Energy
070 – 518 71 28

Public Services & Development in Umeå
Johan Gammelgård, Manager of Digitalisation in Umeå Municipality
070 – 225 12 15

Hans Lindberg, Umeå Municipality Councillor (s)
070 – 589 01 66

Health & Västerbotten’s innovation process in partnership
Johannes Hörnberg, Manager IT at Region Västerbotten
070 – 271 99 22

Research & Education
Katrine Riklund, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University, and Professor and Chief Physician at the University Hospital of Umeå.
070 – 397 96 84