About us

Umeå 5G is an initiative that will establish Umeå as Sweden’s first ever 5G city. The whole of Umeå will become a test environment for developing new digital solutions, products and services that promise to provide community benefits and a better everyday life for residents. Five public stakeholders in Umeå are working closely together to build an infrastructure throughout 2018 and 2019 that will include the first 5G hospital and 5G university in Europe.

Focus Areas

Umeå 5G will be working in the following focus areas:

Reality Lab

Umeå 5G offers an innovation arena to test, develop, evaluate and implement digital solutions, products and community services on a large scale, built on Västerbotten’s market-leading innovation model for public and private sector collaborations.

5G Expansion

Development of future-proof 5G technology in Umeå city. Starts in 2019 in the university and hospital areas with the aim of establishing Europe’s first 5G hospital and 5G university.


Services, products, smart solutions and applications that provide new opportunities for solving key challenges in our society.

Contact us

Anders Kjellander
CEO of Umeå Science Park and General Manager of Umeå 5G.
E-mail: anders.kjellander(@)umea.se
Phone: 070 – 390 00 56

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